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The Artists Guild of Manatee needs YOU to help our artists, makers and healers in the Village of the Arts continue to create the art, food and services that help them earn a living. This year’s Giving Challenge is a 24-hour online fundraising event that takes place from noon on April 28 till noon on April 29. The 2020 Giving Challenge is presented by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County with giving strengthened by the Patterson Foundation. All online donations between $25 and $100 will be generously matched by the Patterson Foundation, allowing your donation to provide twice the impact.

The Village of the Arts is a unique arts district located just south of downtown Bradenton that has been transformed from a blighted neighborhood of early 20th century Florida cottages into a vibrant live/work artist community. The Artists Guild of Manatee was formed in 1999 as a non-profit to help with this mission to build a community where artists live and work while enhancing quality of life and creating a harmonious environment. The Guild is primarily made up of Village artists, residents and business owners, along with community members who share our vision. Over the past 20 years the Guild together with Village residents have worked hard to turn the Village of the Arts into a thriving art community while enhancing the quality of neighborhood life and nurturing the creative spirit.

The artists we support have been directly impacted by the business shutdown during this year’s ongoing pandemic. Now, more than ever, it is important to lift up the people who bring us joy and make us think in their daily offerings of visual art, music, creative cuisine and healing arts. Your contribution will help The Artists Guild of Manatee continue to support the growing community of artists, makers and healers that live and work in the Village of the Arts. The Guild strives to increase and amplify the collective exposure of VOTA artists and merchants by maintaining a website, business directory, calendar of shop hours and events, street map and social media channels. The Guild also supports monthly ArtWalks, special events, art-making programs with local schools, and outdoor art installations that help make the Village of the Arts a unique art-infused destination for locals and visitors year-round.

Your donation makes YOU a part of the creative process we celebrate here in the Village of the Arts! It truly takes a village to build and nurture the supportive communities where the arts thrive. You can “Be the One” to create art, music, cuisine, healing, community and more right here in your own back yard. Thank you for your support!