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Thank You for Supporting the Village!

Dear Friends of the Village,

During the 24 hour Giving Challenge that ended on May 2, we received over 50 individual donations equaling $3,899.  Our benefactors-- who came through for the Village-- are listed below:

Laura Alcover
Donald Anderson-Cosgrove
Stephen Boyes
Georgia Brown
Harry Criqui
Greg DeMeuse
Jean G Farmer
Matthew S Farmer
Katherine L Fellin
Catherine Ferrer
Lynne Ferry
Graciela Giles
Jo Ellen Gorris
Jill Hammers
Johnette Isham
Kristine Johansen
Timothy Justus
Thomas Kelly
Beverly Kershaw
Priscilla Kline
Keston Law
Jan Lewis
Laura Martin
Bernard McDermott
Debbie McDermott
Terrence O’Connor
Martha Pelletier
Joan Peters
Hilleary Price
Harry Price
Janet Robbins
Julianna Ross
Karen Ruby
Jean Schwartz
David Shiplett
Donna Slawsky
Danelle Talbert
Jacquelyn Taylor
James C Taylor
Teri Thomas
Carolyn Thompson
Christine Turner
Lynn Walker
Ruth Warren
Russell Warren
William Webster
William Webster
Margaret R Webster
Carrie Whaley
Preston Whaley Jr.

Matching funds from the Patterson Foundation amounting to another $3,249 were triggered by your gifts.  All in all, we reached a Grand Total of $7,148.   THANK YOU!

Your generosity enables us to pursue three special efforts:

  • Fruitful Front Yards
  • Artistic Outreach for Children
  • Village Historical Postcard.

These will enrich the Village by helping make it a better place visually and environmentally.  It will enrich us in spirit by helping disadvantaged kids access a little bit of the world of art.  And that will enrich them.

Thanks also to those who donated time and effort--to Ruth and Carrie for their great messaging work, to Dave for allowing the Birdrock Taco Shack to be our headquarters, to Bank of the Ozarks for donating food and postage, and especially to Jackie who put it all together. Not to mention those Board members who put in long hours taking pledges and keying them in. And thanks to the Community Foundation of Sarasota, and the Patterson Foundation for making it all possible.

Online giving may be over, but the real (and fun) work is beginning. VOTA’s projects will succeed if everyone takes a part, large or small, according to their interests and ability.

Again, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the Village, appreciative thanks.

Make it happen. Grow Your Village!

Bill Webster
President, Artists Guild of Manatee