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Garden Walk Participants Announced

Annual Garden Walk
Saturday, April 8, 2017
11:00am - 4:00pm
Village of the Arts
Spring is in full bloom in Bradenton, FL and Villagers are ready to show off their gardens! The Artist Guild of Manatee has released the list of gardens that will be available to tour during Saturday's Annual Garden Walk. The Garden Walk is a self-guided walking tour that showcases artful gardens located at residences and businesses throughout the Village of the Arts. See the map below for map number locations


  • The Dancing Crane Gallery (Map #22)
    "The Singing Bamboo Garden"
  • Village Voices & Eclectic Art Emporium (Map #16)
    " Don't Mow-Grow!" & " Giant Sun Flowers" Garden
  • Bobby & Dads (Corner of 12th. St. W. & 11th. Ave. W.)
    "Olde Fashion Victory Garden"
  • Alisa's Refoveo Touch (Map #31)
    "Alisa's Fantastic Orchids"
  • Village Veranda Studios (Map #33)
    "Annie's Veranda Garden"
  • Little Swamp Studio & Gallery (Map #53)
    "Anna's Garden at the Little Swamp"
  • Divine Excess Folk Art Gallery (Map #56)
    "The Garden of Earthly Delights"
  • La Casa de Zoe (Corner of 12th. St. W. & 12th. Ave. W)
    " Florida Bromeliads Container Garden"
  • La Casa de Zoe Blue Driveway Art Space (Corner of 12th. St. W. & 12th. Ave. W)
    "The Lost Garden of Zinj"
  • The Village Mystic (Map #70)
    "The Crystal Garden"
  • Clay in The Garden (Map #69)
    "JoEllen's Fantasy in Clay"
  • Sally's Studio & Gallery (Map #78)
    "Sally's Garden of Art & Flowers"
  • Firestone Gallery & Design House (Map #87)
    "Willy Wonka's Garden of Pure Imagination"
  • ReWorked Creations (Corner of 12th. St. W. & 13th. Ave. W.)
    "Shimmering Cactus Garden"
  • ReWorked Creations (Corner of 12th. St. W. & 13th. Ave. W.)
    Surprise!! "Mardi Gras Beads Pop-Up Garden"
  • Bits n' Pieces (Map #102)
    "The Secret Garden of Quilts"
  • The Dude & Mary's Life of Art & Music/ and The 11th. St. Gallery (Map #160 and #161)
    "The Magical Piano Garden", an interactive art space