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Cross Stitch Magic / Tea Nook

Owned by Glenda Tietjen

1222 12th Street West, Bradenton, FL 34205
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Hours: Tue - Thurs 11 - 6, Fri 11 - 4, Sat 9 - 3, and First Friday Artwalks 6 - 9:30pm


Glenda Tietjen

Both my grandmother and my mother were into needlework, especially my grandmother. She was always stitching, crocheting, and doing embroidery. I was always watching, fascinated.

I started by knitting and crocheting and eventually to embroidery but counted cross stitch hadn't really taken off yet. It was just becoming popular about the time I got married. I started by stitching Christmas ornaments and decorations since I didn't have any. I really got into it heavily when I moved to Florida in the late 70's and sent them back to Minnesota as Christmas gifts.

That's when I discovered some shops specializing in counted cross stitch and realized all that was available. I became hooked. There were so many amazing things to do and so little time. I was always stitching. You can stitch anything from a cute, whimsical saying, to a holiday scene, to fine art reproductions. I love to relax in the evening and stitch while I "watch" TV.

Unfortunately, my favorite shop closed and I had nowhere to find what I wanted and needed. Every time I traveled, I searched out shops, and I found some amazing ones. But they were too far away to shop regularly. I was constantly thwarted in my efforts to find the supplies I needed. I kept saying "When I retire, I am going to open my own store and carry the things that I need". When I moved to the Village of the Arts, I decided not to wait any longer. Why not open a shop now and get all the things I like and need. I was sure that there were other frustrated stitchers out there.

Once I started looking into all that was available in the world of counted cross stitch, I started finding things I had never seen before, things I didn't know I needed. I was really going to do it, to start my own shop. The only problem is, now I have too many things that I want to make for myself. I will never find the time to do them all. O well, my customers will just have to help out and make some for themselves.

I try to carry only those things that you can't get and your local generic craft store. Hard to find patterns, specialty threads, and fabric in a whole rainbow of colors, not just white or ivory.

It has been a lot of fun setting up a new shop, and I hope my customers will enjoy shopping here. 
Within Cross Stitch Magic you will find THE TEA NOOK. It carries only full leaf tea from the Republic of Tea. I have a wide variety of teas, including black, green, oolong, red, and herbal. If you enjoy a truly good cup of tea, you have found the right place to get it. I also carry tea accessories and teapots.
- Glenda Tietjen

Cross Stitch Magic 
1222 12th St West 
Bradenton, Fl 34205 

Hours: Tue - Thurs 11-6, Fri 11-4, Sat 9-3, open Artwalks, 
closed Sunday & Monday 

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